Interwoven Asia
Interwoven Asia
Creating jobs for women seeking safe work
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Our Story

Interwoven was born out of a vision to provide job skills training and a safe working environment for women in Southeast Asia.

Poverty is the leading cause of people entering exploitative work situations, and we believe that small business creation is one way of protecting those who seek to provide for their families through an earned income.

When you buy Interwoven products of services, you are supporting the development of women who have purposefully decided to work in safe environments.

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Our Work

We champion the empowerment of women through
holistic training programs and community development

Ethically handmade jewelry


All of our jewelry is designed and ethically handmade in Laos. Every piece serves as a reminder of the person who made it - a person empowered with the knowledge of their incredible value and voice.



Our stylists are trained by professional instructors from around the globe and brim with confidence that comes from knowing ones worth. Book an appointment here:



Beyond vocational training and skill development, we believe that safe work equals safe community. Our staff work diligently to equip each woman with the personal and life skills for a successful future.